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, Couples, & Relationship
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Do you and your partner have challenges communicating with one another? Is more time spent arguing rather than loving? Are your relationship goals and commitments in conflict? Do sexual frustrations overwhelm the relationship?
Couples & Marriage Counseling emphasizes determining each partner’s relationship outcomes and creating steps to achieve results. Therapy works for couples who are dating, premarital, or who have been together for years.
Many people find solutions in therapy to:
  • Improve communication skills
  • Build or enhance intimacy, connection, and trust
  • Navigate transitions in life such as career & financial changes, children, moving, social & familial change, retirement
  • Manage crossroads such as moving in/out, getting engaged, and separation
  • Learn how and when to fight fairly and respectfully
  • Energize your sex life through sex therapy
  • Deal with betrayal or an affair
  • Negotiate roles in the relationship
  • Display emotion and understanding
  • Process anger and resolve “unresolvable” conflicts
  • Balance busy lifestyles
  • Appreciate your differences
    Find resolution to whatever issue or concern led you to marriage counselors.

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