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Therapy, Psychotherapy, & Counseling
Career & Executive
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If you are an executive professional, entrepreneur, CEO, person of public prominence, you will find insightful and solution-focused style counseling, therapy, and coaching complimentary to your needs.

If you are individual exploring career transitions, strategic help can ease the anxiety caused during professional search and new ideas may emerge.

Professionals require a therapist with an understanding of both business life and psychotherapy. Discreet and confidential sessions are available.
Many Fortune 500 executives, sales and management, career changers, professionals, entrepreneurs, athletes, and actors find therapy offers solutions to:
  • Create a happy work and life balance
  • Brainstorm outcomes to complex major business and life decisions
  • Avoid derailment
  • Feel understood when know one else can understand your stress and position
  • Pursue other activities without strife such as athletics, music, social and family events
  • Understand and master feelings of depression, anxiety, stress, burnout, and emptiness
  • Create or salvage intimate relationships
  • Bridge where you are to where you want to be

    Find resolution to whatever issue or concern led you to an expert.

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    You may also benefit from personality and relationship testing, assessment, and diagnostics. For more information click here
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